Facebook Tips for Small Businesses

Facebook Tips for Small Businesses

1. Post with a Purpose
12 Top Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses — Post with a Purpose
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You can’t just post whatever you feel like posting and hope to gain traction. Every post you make should have a purpose beyond filling the void with noise. Be mindful about what you post and when. Determine what you want to post and why you’re posting it. Think about the action you want someone to take when you post.

Use your Facebook insights to look at old topics and posts to see what was the most popular. Also, check competitor pages to see what types of content and topics garnered the most attention from followers.

2. Optimize your Facebook Page
It doesn’t take long to populate company information on your Facebook page. Customers often use Google to search local businesses, but more customers are turning to Facebook to research brands and find local businesses.

If they’re already in the app on their phone they’ll frequently check into a business to look at reviews and recommendations, look up address information, find a phone number, etc. Once on your page they can click through to your website or click to call the number you’ve listed.

Tip: Use a trackable number, like Google Voice, instead of your primary phone number. This way you can track the number of calls that come from your Facebook page.

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