Is Your Website an Expense or Investment?

Is Your Website an Expense or Investment?

Many small business owners are entering the digital world by getting their own websites. Many understand that having a website is important. However there seems to be many small business owners that have websites that are turning into expenses rather than investments. Are you a small business owner that pays for a website each month but hardly ever get any sales or leads from it? If so continue reading to find out why.

Expense Websites vs. Investment Website

1. Expense Website

An expense website is your typical 5-10 page website. You the know the websites we’re talking about. The kind you see every time you surf the internet. The website with the same layout and structure as everyone else’s. They blend in with every other site. The only difference is the color scheme and photography.

This type of website might get traffic. But this type of website hardly ever brings in any new business. Perhaps you run an ad for this website and get a few leads here and there but it dose not turn every visitor into a potential client. Most the visitors check out the site, leave then forget they even visited the site. This is an expense website because you’ll probably spend more money getting it designed and maintained with little to no ROI.

2. Investment Website

The investment website is a 24/7 machine that turns visitors into leads, clients, & customers. It’s a website that works while you sleep. The website that pays for itself as well as brings in a huge ROI.

These websites are set up differently. They are inviting & attractive but most importantly they get visitors to take some kind of action before they leave. Wether it’s filling out a contact form or signing up for a newsletter.

What’s The Difference?

Investment websites are designed around getting results and converting visitors into customers. The expense website is just designed to “look good’. Want to learn more about the two types of websites? Contact us today to learn how you can turn your website into your #1 lead generation machine.

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