Mobile Application Development

The mobile application industry is rapidly growing. In 2016, the total revenue from mobile app downloads, advertising, and in-app purchases was $88 billion—this number is projected to pass $188 billion in 2020 and we want your business at the forefront of this market.

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Mobile technology and devices are being used more and more widely every day and businesses are taking advantage of these platforms to reach their customers and improve their business operations. Mobile technology has made it possible to keep connected longer, and in many cases all the time, as enterprises find themselves moving beyond the desktop to meet their customer and employee needs. At Kurve, we know exactly what goes into designing and creating a successful mobile app. Whether you need to hire a mobile app developer to augment your current team, contract subject matter experts to help with a certain aspect of your project such as business analysis, custom UX/UI design, code development, project management and/or quality assurance, OR looking for a complete end-to-end mobile app development solution to be delivered, we can meet your needs.



Languages We Use:

– Swift

Considered the programming language of the future. Swift is the latest programming language to make their way into the Apple ecosystem and it is majorly because of its popularity in writing the code for Apple’s latest APIs, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.


Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side scripting open source language that was developed in 1995, for websites. Today, however, the language has found its use more in general purpose development. PHP is used for server-side scripting, command line scripting, and for coding applications.


The fifth version of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), HTML5 is an ideal option for you, if you are planning to build a web-fronted app for mobile devices.

– Objective C

A derivative of the programming language C, Objective – C is an object oriented general purpose programming language. Objective – C is the core programming language that was used by Apple for iOS and OS X development before Swift was developed.

– C++

C++ is an extension of the C language. It  is general purpose object oriented programming language with low level memory manipulation feature.

– C#

C# is for Microsoft, similar to what Objective – C has been for Apple making it the most coveted language when it comes to developing mobile apps for Windows phones.

– Java

One of the most popular and preferred languages among android app developers, Java is the most searched language on the search engines all over the world for the current year.

– JavaScript

A high-level interpreted programming language, JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language that supports object-oriented and functional programming. It is not exactly a language that is primarily used for app development, but a language that is run by browsers and used to develop and control web pages.

– Python

A high-level programming language, Python has found its use in web development, app development, creating desktop GUIs, analyzing and computing scientific and numeric data, and for software development.

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