Will Small Businesses on Cape Cod Eventually Go Extinct…?

Will Small Businesses on Cape Cod Eventually Go Extinct…?

Cape Cod The Home of Small Business

For many years, Cape Cod has been the home for many small businesses. From mom & pop shops and inspiring art galleries to finger-licking restaurants. Many people travel to the Cape each year to walk around and admire these unique businesses. Our small businesses add character and personality to this amazing island. However, times are changing. If small businesses don’t get ahead of the curve now they will only last so long. In order to remain in business and grow they need to revamp their current business models and strategies.

What’s Happening to Small Businesses?

If you pay attention closely to local small businesses, you’ll notice how quickly they filter out over the years. It seems as if every few years a small business closes down simply because they can’t adapt to up and coming trends and a new business with a new mindset comes into play. Why do so many only stick around for a short amount of time? Why don’t they last? Why don’t they grow? The answer is simple. A great deal of Cape Cod businesses build their business model around the Summer season. They rely on tourists to bring in enough money for them to make it through the winter, relying on one season to make you 4 seasons worth of revenue is risky. This is why it is so important to incorporate new and up & coming trends into your business model.

How Every Season Can Be Your Best Season

Are you running a “seasonal business”? How exciting would it be if we told you every season can be just as successful as the one season you make the most revenue? It is not difficult to become a year-round business yet many business owners are reluctant to do so. Wait. Doesn’t being open year-round equal more sales and more revenue for the business? The answer is yes, and no. If done correctly, establishing a brand and marketing it in the digital space could lead to guaranteed business year-round. However, without the proper guidance and incorrect use of a marketing budget, a business could find themselves on the brink of loss or even closing down. Why does Digital Marketing play such a significant role? Remember when everyone read newspapers? Millions of business owners advertised their business through newspapers in order to market. What’s changed? Nowadays, everyone has a smart phone in their pocket, a tablet in their bag and maybe even a set of bluetooth headphones. By utilizing digital marketing as opposed to traditional marketing, you are appealing to a much larger audience. If you can use big brands such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn for FREE to promote your business online, why aren’t you doing it? Maybe you don’t have the time, or perhaps you don’t find it necessary. WE are telling you it is VITAL to your company’s future success. The greatest change is that everything has gone digital, shouldn’t your marketing too?

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