Innovation is in our DNA

Using multiple strategies & techniques we have acquired over the years, we design, develop, & execute a unique strategy that is tailored to hit your business’ weak points and increase conversion.


It starts by getting to know your brand, your customers & your business challenges. We analyze your competitive landscape & explore your opportunities. We get the ball rolling with complimentary  132-point SEO and Website Analysis at no cost to you.

2/Strategic Vision

Once we’ve done our research, we develop & align a vision for the future of your company. We take multiple factors into account and develop a strategy that not only pertains to that vision, but is also tailored to your business.


Execute.Execute.Execute. No vision is complete without execution, at this stage we implement and execute your unique campaign to its full extent and prepare for the next step. Results.

Only the best quality

User Interface & User Experience Design

Our expertise

Kurve practices User-Centered Design (UCD) methodology which involves treating the user as a stakeholder throughout the creation process, and ensuring that your online products are both usable and useful.

Driven by our passion for creating compelling and usable designs, we specialize in user interfaces for desktop, mobile, and tablets across a wide range of markets.

Only the best quality

Quality Front End Development

The next step of design

Whether you’re looking for an external development partner, or expert developers to integrate with your in-house team, we’ll provide the right talent for your project. Our team of front-end developers not only supply technical expertise, but make sure your project is done the right way.

HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, JavaScript, ES6, Style Guide, SVG, Animations, RWD.

Only the best quality

Finally Back End Development

The invisible part of the iceberg

We analyze your current systems and decide together which further components and technologies are necessary. The integration of mobile solutions in present and new/developing server systems e.g cloud, CRM, ERP and social media networks belong to our core activities/tasks. 

If required, we develop a dedicated surface of administration for you. Here you can work on your data independently. This area is naturally protected with a password. Therefore, we make use of modern and easy usable frontend frameworks e.g AngularJS and Thymeleaf.

Services We Offer

Digital Marketing

Strategy Development, Social Media Content Creation, Social Media Management, Ad campaign Management, & SEO.

Web Design

Responsive Web Design, eCommerce Development, Mobile Application Development, Content Creation & Strategy.


Logo Design, Business Card Design, Stickers, Menus, Graphic Design, Photography, 2D Animation, Branding guidelines & more.


Google Certified Agency

Google Certified Agency

Clutch Top Developer

Clutch Top Developer

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