PR Textile Recycling

A Website Built To Perform

PR Textile Recycling is the only textile recycling company accepting textiles in Puerto Rico. For years they had the same website design. The website didn’t perform the way they wanted it to. It was difficult for users to find bin locations on the website. Any english visitors were not able to read the sites text.

So we completely re-designed the website. We developed an easy way for users to find bin locations by simply typing in their address. We also implemented a translation tool that allowed users to switch the sites text from English to Spanish.

Simplifying The Way Users Locate Bins

PR Textile Recycling has bins located all over Puerto Rico. We designed and developed a way for users to easily find bins near their current location.

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Tandoori Kebab & Pizza

Services Provided: Web Design, Website Maintenance, Photography, Menu Design & Printing, Uber Eats / Door Dash / Grub Hub Set Up