Baystate Textiles

Understanding Baystate's Painpoints & Goals

Before we took Baystate on as a client we made sure we took the time to understand their pain points & goals. We needed to find out what was already working for them and what wasn’t. Baystate’s main goal was to inform & educate the residents of Massachusetts & Connecticut about textile recycling.

So we planned to do just that. We started by modernizing & simplifying Baystate’s website. We implemented a pop up newsletter form to capture the emails of their visitors. This allowed us to start building a mailing list where we would connect with users on a weekly basis. This is one of the many services we provided to Baystate to help them continue to grow digitally each month.

A 2D Animation Video to Help Educate About Textile Recycling

When Baystate mentioned they wanted to help educate residents on textile recycling our first idea was to create a 2D animation video. A quick video that covers the importance of textile recycling. After the video was finished we went on to advertise it across all social media platforms.

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Services Provided: Web Design, Website Maintenance